How to Make No Bake Cookies

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make No Bake Cookies. When you have unexpected company, this easy cookie recipe is sure to please even the finickiest of eaters. It can be made quickly with ingredients that are readily found in most cupboards. This recipe makes 3 dozen cookies.

Step 1

Combine sugar, margarine or butter, milk, and cocoa in a large saucepan.

Step 2

Place saucepan over a medium heat and bring to a boil all the while stirring the mixture.

Step 3

Boil mixture for 3 minutes, continuing to stir while it is boiling.

Step 4

Take off the stove away from the heat.

Step 5

Add the uncooked oats to the cooked mixture.

Step 6

Spread out wax paper on a counter or a table. Using a tablespoon, drop cookie mixture onto the wax paper.

Step 7

Wait until the cookies are firm and then put into an air tight container.