By H.C. Hisel

Natural lip stains are a great way to let your true beauty shine. They create an even color and a matte finish, with no shine or glitter, so you may find you don't need to wear other makeup with it. Lip stain stays on longer than other lip products, even in water. It actually stains your skin, creating color from the inside rather than on top. Don't worry; it doesn't stain forever. Depending on the wearer, lip stain may last hours to days. It's very natural-looking and especially great for summer.


Prepare your ingredients, which are determined by the color you'd like to achieve. You may choose any type of berry, which can give you colors ranging from pinks and reds to blues and purples. Mix different berries together or use a single type. Place approximately four berries of your choice into a small mixing bowl and use a spoon to mash them. In addition, you may use already-prepared coffee to darken any color that you create by simply mixing in a few drops.

Add olive oil to your color. Combine a spoonful of olive oil with your mashed berries and mix well.

Adjust the color and texture to your liking. Do this by adding berries, coffee or olive oil. There is no exact science to creating a lip stain—it's all about your preference. The berries are what stain color on your lips; the rest is about how you'd like the product to handle.

Apply your lip stain. To wear the color you've created, simply use your finger or a cotton swab to distribute the stain across your lips. Apply a generous amount, allowing it to stay on your lips for a few minutes. You may then remove the excess and your lips will be left with naturally enhanced color.