How To Make My Own Herbal Blend Cigarettes

Many people believe that smoking herbs instead of tobacco is a healthier choice. This is only half true. Herbal cigarettes that contain no tobacco lack the nicotine content, and thus are slightly less addictive. But the tar is still present, and this is what makes cigarettes so dangerous to your health. You can buy herbal cigarettes on the market today, but these often contain tobacco, sometimes as much as 60 percent. If you want a purely herbal cigarette, your safest bet is to make one yourself. It's not hard, and you can roll them as large or small as you want.

In a large bowl, mix the honey and water thoroughly until it's completely dissolved.

In the second large bowl, mix together your dried herbs.

Add the honey and water mixture to the herb mix one teaspoon at a time, incorporating it into the herbs until they are damp.

Put the herbs onto the tray and let them dry. The water will evaporate but the honey should remain and crust onto them. Don't let them get too dry, or they won't work.

Once dried, roll the leaves in the rolling paper as you would a normal tobacco cigarette.

Store the rest in an airtight container. It's a good idea to label and date it so you know how old or fresh the batch is.


  • You can still mix herbs with tobacco for an herbal cigarette.

  • Coltsfoot is known as British tobacco, and is a great tobacco substitute.

  • You can try sage, mullein, skullcap, lavender, peppermint, uva ursi, marshmallow leaf, white horehound, thyme, chamomile flowers, rose petals, damiana and cloves in your herbal mix.