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Dreads or dreadlocks are coils of hair that have matted together to form locks, usually about the thickness of a finger. You can start to create dreads in several ways: organically, which involves letting nature take its course, resulting in random width locs, or manually, meaning that you determine the thickness of the dreads. If you want to make your dreads thick, then you have to pay attention to how much hair you place in each dread.

Take a section of your hair and divide it into two strands and twist the two strands together. See how thick the resulting twist is. Keep experimenting until you have a dread that is as thick as you want.

Divide all of your hair into sections according to the amount of hair you need to form a thick dread identified in Step 1. Divide each section into two and twist the two strands together; this is known as the two-strand twist method. Continue until all of your hair is twisted.

Twist two locks together if you already have locked your hair but you then decide you want thicker locks. This works best if your dreadlocks are relatively new, or less than four weeks old.

Tie two thin dreads together at the root with a covered rubber band if your locks are older than four weeks. As your hair grows, the new growth will merge together. Later, you can cut off the ends that will never really merge.