How to Make Maple Syrup

By LeafTV Editor

How to Make Maple Syrup. If you have a sugar maple or black maple tree in your yard, then you are very lucky. You can make your own maple syrup. As we all know, maple syrup is very expensive in its true form because of the amount of time that is required to make it. If you have that time and you follow these simple steps, then you can make your own maple syrup.

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Step 1

Choose a spot on your maple tree that is approximately 2 to 4 inches from the ground. Make sure this spot is solid.

Step 2

Drill a hole about 2 inches deep into the tree and insert a collection spout. Place a bucket under the spout to catch the sap.

Step 3

Place the sap in a shallow pan and heat to the boiling point. Be careful not to burn the sap. If you have any remaining sap that did not fit in the pan, you may add it as the sap evaporates. Continue boiling until the sap in the pan is highly concentrated.

Step 4

Skim the surface for foam and other materials as the sap boils.

Step 5

Monitor the temperature. The maple syrup is done when the temperature reaches 7 degrees above the boiling point of water, which is dependent on your elevation.

Step 6

Filter the hot maple syrup through a wool or orlon filter to remove particles such as sugar sand. This will also improve the syrup's appearance.

Step 7

Package the maple syrup while it is still at least 180 degrees to prevent spoilage.