How to Make "Lawry's" Seasoned Salt at Home

By LeafTV Editor

Lawry's brand seasoned salt is a staple in many homes across America. Although Lawry's is a good seasoning for almost any kind of meat, one simply cannot make authentic Southern fried chicken without Lawry's seasoned salt. If you are in a pinch and you find that you have run out of Lawry's, follow these simple instructions for making up a batch at home.

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How To Make Lawrys Seasoned Salt At Home

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This recipe for homemade Lawry's seasoned mix is completely straight-forward. All you will need to do is place the dry spices in a gallon sized plastic Ziplock bag and shake it up.

Once you have thoroughly blended all of the spices for your homemade Lawry's seasoned salt mix, you can place it in a clean and dried mayonnaise jar or something of the like. Whatever you choose to keep your seasoning mix in, make sure that the container you choose is well sealed and dry. Also, you will need to keep your dry spice mix away from heat.

This recipe for Lawry's seasoned salt will yield approximately one quart of the dry spice mix. You will want to use up the entire amount before a period of three months has elapsed. If there is any more of the mixture remaining after three months, it will need to be thrown away.