How to Make Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix Taste Better

By Tucker Cummings

Jiffy corn muffin mix is a simple shortcut for making muffins in less time than it would take you to make corn muffins from scratch. However, some might argue that corn muffins can be dry or lacking in flavor. If you want to improve the taste of corn muffins made with Jiffy prepared mix, there are some changes you can make to the recipe (or to the toppings you serve) to improve the taste.

Corn muffins are considered by some to be dry and rather bland.

Step 1

Spice up the corn muffin mix by adding a few teaspoons of chopped jalapenos, red pepper flakes, or a few dashes of hot sauce. This makes the muffins an excellent side dish for Tex-Mex main courses.

Herbs such as dill or thyme can also add subtle flavor to corn muffin mix.

Step 2

Stir fresh fruits into the corn muffin mix batter. A handful or two of blueberries or blackberries add sweetness to corn muffins, and also increase moisture in the finished muffins.

Step 3

Top the finished corn muffins with sweet cream butter, fruit preserves or honey.

Step 4

Melt sliced cheese over a corn muffin that has been split in two in your toaster oven.