Perfume is a common product used by people today, but many of its ingredients are contrary to an organic lifestyle. The alcohols and preservatives--not to mention animal products--are not always the kind of things that people want to put on the human body. Those elements can cause harsh allergic or physiological reactions for some people. It simply may not be the correct choice for you. Instead, try using this easy to make jasmine perfume. It smells great, and it's easy to prepare at home,

Start making your perfume by getting out a small mixing bowl. Pour almond oil (a quarter of a cup) in the bowl. Take four tablespoons of firm, organic cocoa butter. Grate it using a standard cheese grater. Try to use the smallest possible grater in order to get the smallest possible flakes. Put the cocoa butter in the mix and add it to the oil. Mix it thoroughly together.

Open two vitamin E capsules, draining the internal liquid into the bowl. Mix the ingredients together as thoroughly as possible. Take jasmine essential oil and pour 14 drops into the bowl as well. Do one last mixing, making sure the ingredients are dispersed as thoroughly as possible.

Pour the contents of the mixing bowl into a small cooking pot. Put the pot onto the stove and set it to low heat. Let all the ingredients, especially the cocoa butter, melt together completely. While it is simmering, you should slowly stir the mix. If it seems too thick, add more almond oil. If it is too thin, feel free to include a bit more of the cocoa butter.

Wait for the mix to cool back down to room temperature Pour the contents of the pot into a glass bottle with a secure top. Once in the bottle with the lid closed tightly, you should shake it vigorously several times.

Use a teaspoon of the jasmine perfume for each use. If you keep the perfume in a cool, dry place--such as a refrigerator--you can keep it for a month. If it is in a warm, moist location, it will only be fresh for about two weeks. Try to use it only once or twice a day.