Soy milk in  glass bottle with soy pods

If you look on the back of instant pudding packages, you will notice that the package warns you not to use soy milk when making pudding. And if you've tried despite the warnings (like I have), you're left with a runny substance somewhat resembling pudding. For any vegans out there, this can be problematic. Here's a tip that can let you have your pudding and eat it too!

In a container, pour in one and three-fourths cup of soy milk. (The package calls for 2 cups of regular milk. The problem with soy milk is it is not thick enough to form the pudding. By pouring in less, you will avoid having running pudding.)

Pour in the instant pudding mix.

Whisk mixture with wire whisk for two minutes, or longer if necessary.

Place lid on container and place in the refrigerator immediately. Let the mixture sit for about ten minutes before eating.