How to Make Icing and Graham Cracker Treats

By Andrea Cespedes

Make cookies without ever turning on your oven by whipping up a batch of icing and graham cracker treats. Stir together your own buttercream frosting, or use one straight off the shelf, and spread it between two small graham cracker rectangles to make a satisfying sandwich cookie. Alternatively, frost the graham crackers and top them with sprinkles, marshmallows, gumdrops or dabs of colored frosting to make custom-decorated cookies for almost any occasion.

Graham cracker background
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The humble graham cracker has the potential to make irresistible treats.

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Homemade Icing

For a quick and easy homemade icing, blend together softened, unsalted butter with a pinch of salt, powdered sugar and a few tablespoons of milk or cream until you have a thick, spreadable consistency. Flavor the icing with vanilla extract or choose another extract or flavoring. Chocolate, peanut butter and strawberry flavors complement the toasty flavor of graham crackers. Cream cheese icing is another favorite for this pairing.

Creative Flair

For more intricate treats, make mini graham cracker houses or tents. Use a decorating tube to apply the icing to the edges of the crackers and press them together to form boxes or triangles to represent the base of the house. Use the decorating icing to outline windows and doors, while small candies detail roof shingles and knobs. Make festive icing and graham cracker treats by spreading a thin layer of icing on top of a square graham cracker. Use tubes of decorating icing to draw holly leaves in winter, bunnies in spring or hearts at Valentine's Day. You could even write names or phrases on the crackers. Another way to add pizzazz is to dip the sides of completed graham cracker icing sandwiches into sprinkles, coconut or mini chips.