Honey in a glass jar

Honey is one of nature’s sweet gifts. To enjoy your own honey, simply let the bees do most of the work. Honeybees gather nectar from a variety of flowers and place it into the hive’s honeycomb cells. The bees then mix the nectar with enzymes in a special pouch in their bodies, beginning the transformation of nectar into honey. Then these hardy workers evaporate a lot of the nectar’s water to thicken the liquid. When the honey is ready, the bees create a cap of beeswax on top of each cell. With most of the work complete, all you have to do is remove and extract the honey to enjoy its natural goodness.

Put on your protective clothing. Open the top of the hive by cracking the seal with a knife and then removing the top.

Smoke out the hive to make the bees drowsy. Before removing the supers, blow out any bees that remain in those areas.

Place each frame in an extractor to spin out the honey. Spin for approximately 30 seconds. Turn the frames around and then spin for another half-minute.

Open the valve at the bottom of the extractor to collect the honey in a bucket covered with a strainer. The strainer will collect any remaining cappings, bees’ body parts and propolis (a glue-like substance produced by bees). Discard these materials.

You may wish to strain the honey again. Then bottle the honey and enjoy.


  • Place your beehives in a partially shaded location that is sheltered from the wind.