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Adding Harry Potter toppers can turn an everyday cake into one that a Harry Potter fan will remember for years. Using colored fondant icing and a few craft items, you can make edible Harry Potter themed cake toppers. If you don't have time to sculpt fondant goodies, you can even make paper doll cut outs that will dress the cake up just as nicely.

Set of Quidditch Balls

Make golden snitch by starting with a small ball of yellow fondant and then poke two white feathers into either side of the ball. Alternately, make two wing shapes from white fondant, wet the bases of the wings with water, and adhere them to the sides of the ball. Set the golden snitch aside.

Roll black fondant into a sphere that is at least three times larger than the golden snitch to represent a bludger ball. Use the tip of a toothpick to carve a wavy line around the ball to make it more recognizable as a quidditch bludger and then repeat this process to make a second one.

Create a ball slightly larger than the two bludger balls from red fondant. Press three indentations around the ball with your fingertips to make it the shape of a quaffle ball.

Adhere the complete set of quidditch balls to the top of the cake. For cakes iced with fondant, wet the bottoms of the balls with a pastry brush and water before pressing them onto the fondant.

Wand, Hat and Glasses

Roll a brown fondant snake that's about half as long as the cake you're topping. Crimp the snake slightly in places to give it the character of a wand and then gently lay it on the cake. If the cake is topped with fondant, brush the top of the wand with water and then roll it over so the wet side sticks to the icing.

Sculpt a triangular shape with a pointy tip from brown fondant in whatever size you would like to make a wizard's hat. Pinch the edges of the triangle out to form the rim of the hat and then stick it to the cake, wetting the rim to adhere it if necessary.

Make a thin black rope of fondant and twist it into two circles to look like glasses. If you would like to add more detail, attach a thin rope with black fondant to the edge of either circle to look like the ear pieces on glasses. Gently lay the glasses on the cake to complete the set of wizard gear.

Harry Potter Paper Dolls

Draw or print two or three Harry Potter characters on a sheet of paper. For larger cut outs, use one sheet of paper per character doll.

Cut the paper dolls out with scissors and discard the excess paper. Precise cuts will make the dolls look nicer, but they're not necessary.

Fold the doll cutouts in half lengthwise and then open them so they are flat again. The characters should now have a folded line down their middles.

Use scotch tape to fasten a toothpick to the bottoms of the cutouts, nestling the toothpicks in the folds you created earlier. Leave about half of each toothpick exposed and then poke them into the cake, standing the dolls upright.


If you don't have time to make something, you can use children's Harry Potter toys to top a cake. Alternately, use a piping bag and frosting to write something from the stories on the cake. For example, scribe "Platform 9 3/4" or "House Gryffindor."