How to Make Gluten

By LeafTV Editor

Whether you're a strict vegetarian, or simply looking to experiment with new recipes, give this meat substitute a try. You can make gluten – also known as vegemeat – out of flour and water, then cook it up in all sorts of ways, from meatballs to patties to fried fajita "meat."

Vegetarian burger
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How To Make Gluten


Pour about 4 lbs. of your flour into your large plastic container. Dig a hole in the middle, creating a volcano-like form.

Fill the middle of your flour volcano with water. Start with around 4 cups. You can always add more later. Use your wooden spoon to mix the water with the flour in the middle of the volcano. Do this until it is too hard for you to stir anymore.

Knead the dough to make gluten. Add more water or the rest of your flour as necessary to create an elastic consistency. You do not want it to be too wet, or too dry. For instance, if you were to poke the dough with your finger, it should bounce back, leaving no indentation.

Submerge your ball of dough in a container of cold water overnight to leach the starch out of the dough.

Empty the container of its milky water the next morning, and refill. Knead the dough inside the water until it gets milky again. Empty the container and refill. Knead again. Empty and refill. Continue this process until the water you're pouring out runs clear.

Cook your gluten using your recipe of choice.


  • • The kneading process should take 15 to 20 minutes, or until it becomes elastic.

  • • Before submerging your dough in the water, be sure it's "tough" enough to withstand being soaked without falling apart.

  • • Don't get discouraged if you make gluten and it doesn't turn out quite right the first time. It could take a few tries for you to master it.