How to Make Glowing Drinks With Pop Rocks

By M.H. Dyer

Pop Rocks are small bits of hard candy treated with carbon dioxide. When added to fluid, they crackle and fizz as they dissolve, and carbon dioxide bubbles are released. The tangy flavor, bright color and fizzing, crackling sound makes Pop Rocks a sweet treat and fun favorite for kids, especially when added to their favorite kiddie beverages. When the iconic candy is added to a cocktail, adults can get in on the fun, too.


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Cocktails for Grownups


Step 1

Rim a cocktail glass or shot glass with lime or lemon juice, then coat the moistened glass with Pop Rocks.


Step 2

Create the fruity cocktail blend of your choice. For example, combine vodka or rum with lime juice, a simple sugar syrup and raspberry, strawberry or orange liqueur. You can also add a splash of pineapple and/or cranberry juice.


Step 3

Shake the mixture with ice in a cocktail shaker, then strain the cocktail into the prepared glass.


Step 4

Drop a large pinch of Pop Rocks into the glass just before serving.

Mocktails for the Younger Set


Step 5

Place several ice cubes in tall, clear glasses. Add lemon-lime soda to fill the glass within an inch from the top.


Step 6

Add a drop of your choice of food coloring to each glass, or match the food coloring to the color of the Pop Rocks. For example, use red coloring to create the right hue for strawberry-, fruit punch-, cherry- or cotton candy-flavored Pop Rocks, or blue or green coloring for tropical Pop Rocks. Stir gently.


Step 7

Pour a package of Pop Rocks into each glass just before serving.