How to Make Glossy Royal Icing

By Sheri Lamb

Royal icing dries smoothly and hard, making a great addition to cookies and ginger bread houses. In fact, the icing can be used to cement ginger bread houses and other edibles. The icing allows the baker to make designs on baked treats and this part of the task is great for kids. When the icing hardens, it is glossy. Adding food coloring will give you some fun colors for clever-looking treats.

Royal icing is used in many colorful cookie creations.

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Step 1

Mix egg whites on high speed in a blender until they are foamy. Add sugar to the eggs. Mix on low until the ingredients are incorporated.

Step 2

Scrape the sides of the bowl and then mix the ingredients on low for eight minutes or until the mixture has a smooth and consistent texture.

Step 3

Add more sugar to make the mixture thicker or add water to thin it out. The icing should be spreadable.