Orange popsicles

Gatorade, the world's most popular sports drink was developed by University of Florida researchers for the school's football team. It was subsequently named after the Florida Gators. Used to restore electrolytes, Gatorade also is enjoyed as a refreshing beverage. You can use the drink to make popsicles during the next heat wave.

Choose a mold. Some molds have a snap-in base to keep the frozen treats upright while freezing. Others come with built-in plastic sticks that you can use over and over again. The most basic models require you to use regular wooden sticks. If you don't want to buy molds, make the frozen treats in small paper cups instead.

Pick your flavor. Decide which Gatorade variety you want to make into popsicles. Gatorade comes in lemon-lime, orange and grape. There are also many new flavors, such as the Icy variety. Choose more than one flavor if you want to make variety of popsicles or a layered frozen treat.

Fill the popsicle molds. Pour the Gatorade slowly into the molds. Learn the measurement specifications for your particular mold. If using paper cups, fill them about three-quarters full.

Put in the base sticks. Once the molds are filled, add the snap-in bases or wooden sticks.

Put the molds or paper cups in the freezer. Let them freeze overnight to ensure they are fully frozen. Enjoy the Gatorade frozen snacks after a game or as a refreshing treat on a hot, summer day.


  • To make layered popsicles with different flavors of Gatorade, pour one layer and freeze it. Once frozen, pour the next layer on top of the first and freeze it. Freeze each layer before you add the next, otherwise the flavors and colors will run together.