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Pickle pops are proof that not every frozen treat needs to be sweet. If you like the crisp, sour taste of pickles or like to drink pickle juice, frozen pickle pops may be right up your alley. Not only are these pucker-inducing cool treats healthier for you than ice cream, they are not complicated to make and are very inexpensive, especially if you already have pickles on hand.

Determine how many pickle pops you would like to make. One small jar of pickle juice makes about a tray and a half of pickle pops, or about 20. An extra-large jar supplies enough pickle juice to make pickle pops for quite awhile. Use paper cups if you have extra pickle juice after filling the trays, or use them exclusively if you wish to make larger pickle pops.

Pour the pickle juice into each ice cube tray square or the paper cups. If the jar is too big for pouring directly into the trays or cups, use a clean turkey baster, dropper or spoon to transfer the liquid.

Add several drops of water to each square or cup, if desired. The sodium can easily be reduced by adding several drops of water to each cube. This is recommended if you are concerned with your sodium intake.

Put a craft stick or candy stick in each cube or cup. Place the trays or cups in the freezer until firm. Once the pickle pops are frozen, loosen them as you would ice from a mold.


To make it easier to grab the pickle pops for a quick snack, take them out once they've completely frozen and store them in a large freezer bag.