How to Make Face Powder

By LeafTV Editor

If you have ever dropped your favorite eyeshadow or blush, you know that the color will usually crack or the cake will break into pieces. Don't throw it away! The broken pieces can be recycled and used to create more awesome colors! Plus, if you ever find yourself all out of your favorite face powder, that broken makeup may come in handy! The following steps will show you how to make your own face powder.

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How To Make Face Powder

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Pour your cornstarch into a small bowl.

In another bowl, place some of your "earth toned" broken makeup pieces.

With the back of a spoon, pulverize the makeup pieces until they become a fine powder.

Continue to add pieces until the color becomes a tone that matches your skin, or is a shade lighter.

Add the colored mix to your bowl of cornstarch.

Mix colored makeup powder and cornstarch together, thoroughly. You should end up with a smooth face powder in a shade that is comprable to your skin tone.

Pour the face powder into your container, and apply to face as desired.


  • Adding tones that are slightly darker than your skin will create a beautiful all year bronzer. This can be applied to anywhere on the body that you want to look sun kissed!


  • You can also add a bit of cosmetic glitter to the powder for a sparkly glow!