How to Make Dried Cranberries in a Food Dehydrator

By Alyson Paige

Cranberries are delicious and healthy additions to many recipes. Making dried cranberries in a food dehydrator is a simple process with a tasty result. Follow these steps.

Make Dried Cranberries in a Food Dehydrator

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Step 1

Pour one bag of fresh cranberries into boiling water, removed from heat. You also can pour the boiling water over the fruit. Use enough water to cover the berries. Another method is to bring the water to boil with the cranberries in the water.


Step 2

Allow the cranberries to sit in the water until the berries burst. Drain the water from the berries. Add 1 cup brown sugar to coat the cranberries. One half cup of Karo syrup will also work.


Step 3

Spread the cranberries on a baking sheet. Place in freezer for at least two hours. Remove from the freezer. Cranberries will dehydrate quicker after freezing.


Step 4

Place the cranberries immediately onto sheet in dehydrator. Allow to dehydrate for at least 12 hours, but longer is fine. Check after 10 hours for moisture in the berries. The finished dried cranberries will be chewy.