Have you made donuts but need a recipe so you glaze your donuts? Donuts are a great dessert but with donut glaze they can be even better. All you need is a few simple ingredients too make donut glaze for your donuts. Donut glaze is a easy to prepare recipe that will make your donuts a whole lot better tasting. Below is a recipe which will show you how to make donut glaze from scratch.

Things You'll Need

Start by getting a mixing bowl and mix all your donut glaze ingredients together, the milk, the vanilla extract, and the sugar.

Now put the donut glaze mixture into a stove top pan and heat over low to medium heat for about three minutes.

Remove the donut glaze from the stove top and allow it too cool for about five minutes.

Once your donut glaze is properly cooled you can use a spoon too put the donut glaze over all of your donuts.