How to Make Cognac Cough Syrup

By Genae Valecia Hinesman

A nagging, persistent cough due to illness is usually caused by an excess of phlegm that irritates and inflames the respiratory system. Breathing becomes a frustrating chore as the body's natural defenses cause the reflexive coughing as a way to shake loose the congestion. The body tends to work to heal and repair itself during sleep. However, during this time, falling asleep seems next to impossible. This article will show you how to prepare a cough syrup using a surprising ingredient... cognac. While this is only one method of making an effective cough syrup, this syrup's effectiveness lies in the specific varieties of grapes or apples used to make the cognac, and the healing properties of fresh lemon. Vegetable glycerin is also added to soothe and lubricate inflamed throat and bronchial tissues. The cough syrup can be administered either warm or chilled. It will quiet your cough and help you to enjoy a deep and healing sleep.

Make Cognac Cough Syrup

Step 1

Place a small saucepan on the stove.

Step 2

Add the cognac and turn on low to medium heat.

Step 3

Add the honey and the lemon juice. Stir well to dissolve completely. Add the vegetable glycerin.

Step 4

Simmer for 15 minutes. Allow to cool, then pour into a bottle with the aid of a funnel.

Step 5

Take two teaspoons every four hours to relieve coughing and ensure a sound sleep.