How to Make Butter Pecan Pudding

By LeafTV Editor

If you are craving a different pudding taste, you should make butter pecan pudding. Butter pecan pudding will satisfy your sweet tooth, while giving you a delicious and nutritious dessert. Butter pecan pudding is no longer available as an instant pudding mix, but it is still easy to get the creamy delicious taste of butter pecan pudding.

Pecan nuts on a wooden table.
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How To Make Butter Pecan Pudding


Regular Butter Pecan Pudding

Pour the cold milk into a mixing bowl.

Add the French vanilla pudding mix and pecan chips to the milk.

Stir the ingredients together.

Measure the butter pecan flavoring and add it to the mixture.

Beat the pudding for two minutes using a wire whisk.

Refrigerate until the pudding is set.

Diet, Sugar-Free Butter Pecan Pudding

Whip softened low-fat cream cheese until it's smooth.

Add the pudding, syrups and Splenda to the cream cheese and whip.

Pour the cream into the mixture very slowly while whipping the ingredients thoroughly.

Scrape the sides of the bowl often as you are whipping.

Fold the pecans gently into the pudding mixture.

Refrigerate the butter pecan pudding until it becomes firm.


  • Beat the pudding by hand just before serving if the syrup has separated while it was refrigerated.

  • This sugar-free diet recipe makes 4 servings of 1/2 cup each.