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Baking the perfect brownie takes some practice and patience. If the brownies you are making just are not turning out like the soft, moist brownies you want them to be, you may have to check the recipe. Although the most traditional kind of brownie is full of fudge and moisture, some brownie recipes call for more flour, resulting in cake-like brownies which are less soft. Switching to a recipe that calls for a minimum amount of flour, along with proper baking and storage, will result in the soft, moist brownies you've been seeking.

Melt the butter into the the brownie batter instead of creaming it with the sugar. While many recipes will call for the butter to be creamed, melting the butter, particularly with the chocolate in a pan on the stove first, will result in a much denser and fudge-like brownie.

Bake the brownies just until the minimum time required. This will result in the most moist results. Over-baking will produce a drier, more cake-like brownie with hard, dry edges.

Store the brownies tightly in the pan with plastic wrap or a large plastic bag, secured with a tie. Covering the pan tightly will allow the moisture to stay in the brownies, keeping them soft and moist.


Use a light colored shiny pan to bake the brownies in, which will evenly conduct the heat throughout the pan. Dark pans hold heat well, but tend to cause the edges to cook quicker.


Do not bake the brownies in a overly large pan. Baking in pans larger than the recipe calls for will result in thin brownies that are easily overcooked, making them dry and hard.

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