Belly rings look great with a bikini or summer tank that shows off your great abs. But not everyone wants to go through the hassle of having the piercing done. Not only can it be painful, if not tended to properly, a belly piercing can become infected and may not heal properly. You can avoid this uncomfortable situation all together by making your own fake belly ring! It looks like the real thing, and no one will suspect a thing. With just a dangle earring, some glue and a rhinestone, you can have a great-looking belly ring without the pain.

Decide how you would like your imitation belly ring to look. You want to be sure to make it look as realistic as possible, so going to the mall and examining the real thing can help.

Get a dangle earring. Any type of dangle earring will do, but make sure that it is not too big! It can be lengthy, just not too bulky.

With your needle-nose pliers, remove the hook from the earring. This is the part that would normally go through your ear. You want to leave behind just the top loop of the jewelry.

Attach the jewelry, using eyelash glue. Place a dab of glue on your belly-button area where you want the jewelry to be, then stick the belly ring to the upper inside of your belly button. You can pull the skin out a little, so you can fit it snuggly.

Attach a large rhinestone sticker to the top part of your belly button. This will give the appearance that it is truly a piercing. It will look as if there are two parts to the jewelry, which is how a real piercing looks. You can purchase rhinestone stickers anywhere they sell body accents, like at an accessory store.


Carry an extra tube of glue with you, just in case your belly ring loosens up or doesn't feel secure. You can always run into the restroom for a quick fix.


Don't be careless with the eyelash glue. It is very sticky and very strong. Be very careful getting it anywhere other than where you want it to be! You wouldn't want to glue your fingertips together. So dabbing it on your skin and then attaching the jewelry is probably best.

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