How to Make Beer Batter

By LeafTV Editor

Nothing tastes better than something deep-fried in a good beer batter. If you know how to make a good beer batter, you have a good weapon in your kitchen!

Fish and chips in beer batter
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How To Make Beer Batter


How to Make Beer Batter

Whip the egg until it is not stringy.

Add the beer, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne pepper. Mix well.

Add the flour and mix until smooth.

Rinse whatever you are going to be frying, even if you are making onion rings. The water on the food will help the beer batter stick.

Dip the food into the flour, then into the beer batter, and drop into the deep fryer. Cook according to your fryer's instructions.


  • Use a wire whisk to make the beer batter. Your flour will mix into the liquid much easier.

  • You might try this recipe with different brands and types of beer to add different flavors to your beer batter. Lagers will give a light taste to your batter, while pilsner, still considered a lager, has a more distinct and bitter taste to it. Brown ale will give you a light flavor, porters, which are darker, have more of a barley flavor, and stout beer, which is very dark in color will have a very strong barley and hops flavor.

  • For a light fish or onion rings, you will want to use a light beer.

  • If you are making a stronger recipe, such as spicy chicken or pork strips, you can use a brown ale or a pilsner.