Rich in potassium and vitamins A and B, bananas are an original superfood. And guess what? They’re just as healthy dried as they are fresh.

Unfortunately, sun-dried bananas aren’t possible because they’ll ferment too quickly. A food dehydrator is the way to go for making banana chips. It takes about eight hours but requires very little prep.

Things You'll Need

Very ripe, slightly brown bananas will have the sweetest, most concentrated flavor when dried.

Peel the bananas and slice them into 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch pieces.

Dip each banana slice into the lemon juice. This lessens browning of the banana chips and adds an extra vitamin-C boost.

Shake off any excess lemon juice and lay the banana slice on the dehydrator tray. Leave enough space between banana slices on the tray to allow air flow for drying.

Fill the available dehydrator trays with banana slices. Put the trays into the dehydrator and set initial temperature to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and dry at that temperature for the first two hours. If your dehydrator does not have variable temperatures, just use the normal setting.

Turn the temperature down to 130 degrees Fahrenheit after two hours. From here it’ll take another six hours for bananas to fully dry.

Half way through, stop the dehydrator and flip all the banana slices. The slices are easy to peel off the dehydrator tray when they’re warm, and turning ensures dryness on all sides.

Test for dryness. If the banana chips are leathery to crisp, they’re done.

Cool the banana chips for a few hours in the dehydrator before removing them. Pack dried chips into plastic bags when they’re fully cool. Store at room temperature.


  • Dip banana slices into chopped nuts or dried coconut flakes prior to drying for additional flavors and textures.