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In Chinese medicine, chi refers to the life-force in all living things. It cannot be seen but is the energy within and around everything. You can help heal another person by harnessing chi energy. One method of doing this is to envision a ball of chi, then send it to that person. Martial Arts such as Karate and Qigong also use this technique in certain exercises to focus and direct energy.

Create a Chi Energy Ball

Stand up straight, keeping your body relaxed, and take a deep breath. Clear your mind and breathe out slowly, paying attention to your navel area. This allows you to focus and become ‘centered.’

Imagine cords of energy are attached to your feet and are rooting themselves to the floor. This is a method of ‘grounding’ and will help you stay relaxed and focused.

Rub the palms of your hands together vigorously, for a few seconds, until they feel warm.

Place your palms close together, facing each other, as if you are about to clap your hands. Slowly move them apart about a foot, and then move them towards each other again.

Do this several times until you feel a slight resistance, which is an indication of energy.

Begin to mold this energy into the shape of a ball with your cupped hands. Continue to move your palms back and forth, squeezing the shape of the ball between them.

Visualize this energy as a ball of healing light.

Send Healing with an Energy Ball

Ensure the person you are healing is in a relaxed position, either standing or lying down.

Visualize a suitable healing color for your chi energy ball. It can be white, golden or perhaps a mix of rainbow colors. Choose the color you feel naturally drawn to.

Focus your intent into the ball. This can be the person’s name, any specific area of the body that requires healing, or the good thoughts and general healing you wish to send them.

Take your energy ball to the recipient and place it above their head. Slowly push the ball down, visualizing it entering their entire body.

Envision their body filled with light and silently give thanks for the healing they have received.


Visualization and healing are best attempted when you are in a positive and relaxed frame of mind.

Only give healing to others if they are open to receiving it.


Any healing undertaken should not be a substitute for professional medical advice.