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Finding the perfect outfit is not a simple task. Maybe you'll find a top that fits great, in a color complements your eyes, but the neckline is too high or too low. No matter the shirt or dress bodice, it's easy to modify the neckline of a garment to get the look you want.

Try on the top to determine what neckline shape will suit you. Mark the new neckline on the top with fabric chalk and remove.

Fold the top in half down the middle and accurately draw the new neckline. Use a ruler to make sure it's even and straight. For curved necklines trace the edge of a bowl. Be sure to allow for a ½-inch seam allowance.

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Cut off the old neckline on the line you've drawn.

Make the facing for the new neckline by cutting a strip of fabric roughly 2 inches to 3 inches wide that corresponds to the curve or cut of the new neckline. A facing will help the new neckline keep its shape.

Pin the facing to the new neckline, right sides together, matching the raw edges.

Sew the facing to the new neckline on the ½-inch sewing line.

Clip the curves and corners of the facing, being sure not to cut through any stitching. Flip the facing to the inside of the top and iron flat.

Machine stitch, using the pressure foot as a guide, around the new neckline to secure the facing. If you don't want to have any top stitching on the garment, hand stitch the facing to the garment at the shoulder seam lines, only catching the facing and seam allowances in the stitches.