How to Make a Sore Foot Soak. "When your feet hurt, your whole body hurts" is an old saying that is so true. Jobs that require a lot of standing or walking, ill-fitting shoes, new shoes or high heels can cause your feet to be sore. Learn how to make a sore foot soak to soothe those aching feet. Here are a few helpful tips.

Gather your supplies before you begin the foot soak. Use a foot bath or a deep basin. You'll need 2 towels, one to place under the basin and one to dry your feet when you're done with the soak. Turn on the music or TV before you start, and make sure you have the remote handy. Keep your phone close so you don't have to get up to answer it in the middle of your foot soak. Place the ingredients for your foot soak within easy reach.

Use Epsom salts to relieve sore aching feet. Epsom salts help to relax and draw out the soreness. Dissolve the Epsom salts in hot water before adding to the foot soak. When the Epsom salts have dissolved, add to the basin you're using and fill the basin about 1/2 full with warm water. Test the water for temperature, it should be the same temperature as a bath. Soak your sore feet in Epsom salts for at least thirty minutes. The longer you soak, the better your feet will feel. Add hot water as needed, to maintain the temperature.

Soften your feet with an exfoliating foot soak. Warm 2 cups of milk on the stove to a comfortable bath temperature. Fill the basin a little less than half full with warm water and add the warm milk to it. Mix the water and milk thoroughly. Soak your feet in this exfoliating soak for at least fifteen minutes; your feet will feel very soft. Apply lotion to your feet after they're dried to maintain a soft feeling.

Add essential oils to the warm water in your foot soak. Not only does the oil soften your sore feet, but the oil has a soothing fragrance. Try tea tree, peppermint, lavender, rosewood or eucalyptus oils or extracts. Add the oil to the warm water in your foot soak basin and soak for at least fifteen minutes. Dry and apply a moisturizing lotion to your feet.

Place marbles or stones in the bottom of the foot soak basin before adding the warm water. Move your feet across the stones for a great foot massage while you soak. Use the stones or marbles in any foot soak for sore feet, your feet will feel wonderful.