Empty paper sheets on fridge door

An old refrigerator can make a great home smoker because they are well insulated and heat quickly. The large doors make for ease of loading food items. The racks can also be used (metal only.) Food can be placed on them, or hung from them, depending on the type of food you are smoking. The older the refrigerator, the better. In fact, it does not even have to work. Older ones will also be cheaper because they have less plastic than newer ones.

Buy a used refrigerator than has one compartment. Remove the bins for vegetable, meat, etc. This will increase the amount of space for smoking your food. In the bottom of the refrigerator, place a few bricks. These will protect the bottom from any excess heat.

Next, drill one 3- to 4-inch hole on top of the refrigerator. You can use a three-quarter-inch drill bit. This will be your vent that allows the smoke to exit. Then rill three, 2- to 3-inch holes on each side of the refrigerator to allow air into the main smoking chamber. For the hole on the top of your smoker, you can control the amount of air flow by covering it with a brick. You are now ready to season your smoker and begin smoking.

Season the smoker. First, place the smoker outside and away from your home. Place a small amount of charcoal into the metal pot. Light the charcoal and allow it to become embers. While this is happening, soak your wood chips in another pot with cold water. Once the coals are glowing, open the refrigerator and place the pot with the coals onto the bricks on the bottom of your homemade smoker. Place a handful of soaked wood chips onto the coals. Close the door and regulate the air flow and monitor the time it takes the smoke to diminish. Replenish the wood chips as needed. Now you are ready to start using your smoker.