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If you're hosting a fashion show or beauty pageant, one of the most important elements to consider is the runway or catwalk. If there are a lot of guests scheduled for the event, elevating the models or pageant contestants on a stage can ensure everyone can see them as they walk down the catwalk. However, you don't need to purchase an expensive runway for your event. Instead, you can buy or rent the items needed to build a runway stage and put it together yourself.

Determine the dimensions you want for your runway stage. The length depends on how long you want the models or contestants to walk the catwalk and how many models you want on the catwalk at a time. The width should be at least four feet across to ensure every model or contestant can walk safely down it.

Rent or buy several wooden, carpeted stage platforms. The platforms should all be the same size, at least eight inches in height and four inches in width.

Line the stage platforms in the area of the room where you want the runway to be located.

Push the platforms close together so there are no gaps that the models or pageant contestants could fall through.

Walk the runway yourself before the event to ensure the platforms are even and make for a smooth, easy walk for all the models or pageant contestants.

Hang a black curtain where the runway begins so your models can walk out from behind it before stepping on the runway.