How to Make a Nose Look Sharper With Concealer

By Erin Watson-Price

Many women feel their nose is too wide, too bulbous or too short. While plastic surgery is an option for improving the size and shape of your nose, the pain and cost may deter you from such a drastic action. Instead, try creating a sharper, more defined nose with concealer. By using lighter and darker shades of concealer, you can create the illusion of contours and shadows your nose does not naturally possess.

Blend concealer lines with face powder to create a flawless appearance.

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Step 1

Apply your foundation as usual.

Step 2

Choose a concealer that is two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone and one that is two to three shades lighter. If you already have a concealer for dark circles under your eyes, you can use this as your lighter concealer.

Step 3

Purchase two makeup brushes that are no wider then the tip of your pinkie finger.

Step 4

Pick up the darker concealer with one of the makeup brushes.

Step 5

Draw a thin, straight line down the right and left sides of your nose right next to the bridge. Extend the line from just under your brow bone to the tip of your nose. Apply the concealer with a light touch. If the makeup is too heavy, your nose will appear dirty instead of shapely.

Step 6

Contour the end of your nose by shading at the curve of the nostril to form a small triangle. Do not follow the curve all the way down or you will accentuate the bulb of the nostril, making it more instead of less prominent.

Step 7

Shade the triangle under the tip of your nose between the nostrils.

Step 8

Switch to the other makeup brush and pick up the lighter concealer.

Step 9

Draw a straight line down the bridge of your nose, from just under the brow to the tip of your nose.

Step 10

Blend the edges of the lines with a sponge. Do not wipe or smear the lines. Instead, gently blur the edges until they are no longer defined.

Step 11

Apply face powder to set the concealer and soften the lines between your foundation and the concealer.