Everyone is always looking for a new drink to try. The Knock-Out drink is just that type of drink. It combines rum, alcohol and juice in such a potent way that it can "knock" the drinkers out. The Knock-Out drink is not a very popular drink, but it is simple to make. You will learn how to make this drink by reading this article.

How to Make a Knockout Drink

Gather all of the items you will need including beer, rum (both dark and white), apple juice, a glass and ice.

Fill the glass with as much ice as you'd like. The recommendation is 1/4 to 1/2 full.

Pour 200 ml of beer into the glass.

Pour 30 ml of both white and dark rum into the glass.

Top with 200 ml of apple juice.

Drink and enjoy!


  • You can always experiment with the amount of alcohol and juice to your liking.