A hot toddy is a mixed drink intended to help someone sleep or get over mild discomfort—and they are delicious. Although it may not be as effective, it can definitely be made without the alcohol. The other ingredients may be enough to sooth a sore throat and cough at the least.

Things You'll Need

Bring cold tap water to a boil in the tea pot.

Mix the honey and lemon juice in a large glass or mug. The amounts of each can be adjusted depending on your taste buds.

Add the alcohol, then fill the glass with the hot water.


  • The lemon juice will break up mucus, the honey will coat and sooth the throat and kill bacteria, and the alcohol will help kill whatever it is that you are coming down with.
  • The lemon, honey and alcohol amounts may be adjusted.
  • Best if done right before going to bed.
  • Can be repeated as needed until you feel better, but obviously drink responsibly!

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