How to Make a Hot Toddy Beverage

By LeafTV Contributor

If have a cold and cough, you might be searching for the perfect hot toddy recipe. A good, hot toddy has helped many a person get over their cold or flu!


Gather all of the supplies needed to follow the hot toddy recipe.

Decide which alcohol you want to use. You can either use whiskey, bourbon, rum or scotch. Depending on where you live, different areas have different traditions for which alcohol is best to use.

Boil a cup of water and set it aside. Mix your one shot (1 oz) of your alcohol of choice with a tablespoon of honey. Cut a slice of lemon to put into your hot toddy. For added flavor, you can squeeze additional lemon juice into the mixture and/or add some of your favorite spices. A little freshly grated nutmeg, a few cloves, or even a cinnamon stick can really enhance the flavor.

Pour your hot water over the mixture and stir until the honey is fully dissolved. Drink and enjoy. You will feel better in no time.