A diet cranberry vodka cocktail is a refreshing alcoholic drink. Sometimes called a Cape Codder, the drink is low-calorie because vodka is sugar-free and has about 100 calories per 1.5 oz serving. Regular cranberry juice has about 70 calories per 4 oz., while diet cranberry has about 20 to 25 calories for the same size serving. It is possible to make a 6 oz. diet cranberry cocktail for less than 200 calories.

Things You'll Need

Add the ice to the glass and pour the vodka over the ice.

Add the cranberry juice to the vodka and ice mixture.

Use a drink stir stick to mix the vodka and cranberry juice.

Squeeze the lemon or lime wedge over the drink or cut a slit into the wedge and affix it to the side of the glass.


  • Store vodka in the freezer to keep it cold and prevent it from melting the ice and diluting the drink. Alcohol freezes at a higher temperature than water and other liquids, so the vodka will stay cold, but not freeze.

  • The drink can be made in a martini shaker. Put all of the ingredients in the shaker, shake several times and strain into a martini glass. The liquid will be cold, but the ice will not be in the glass. This avoids the melting and diluting of the drink.

  • Add more or less cranberry juice depending on how strong you want the flavor of the vodka. Remember, the more juice added, the higher the calorie count.