How to Make a Fat-Free Mayonnaise Substitute

By Amy Davidson

Mayonnaise is a popular condiment that can be added to sandwiches or used in dips, spreads and dressings. The downside of mayonnaise is that it is high in fat. If you are on a low-fat diet, that little dollop of mayonnaise on your sandwich could be sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. Making a fat-free mayonnaise substitute is one way to continue enjoying the creamy tastiness of mayo without taking on the fat.

Use this delicious substitute in all your recipes.

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Step 1

Melt the butter substitute in a shallow pan for one minute on the lowest heat. If the butter melts and begins to bubble before one minute, remove it from the heat. Most butter substitutes are fat-free, but check to be sure before buying one.

Step 2

Pour the melted butter substitute into a bowl and add one cup of non-fat sour cream to the bowl. Non-fat yogurt can also be used but tends to add a slightly sweet taste.

Step 3

Whisk the butter substitute into the sour cream swiftly for three minutes to ensure the two blend evenly. Place the fat-free mayo substitute in a sealable plastic container. You can store and eat the mayo substitute for up to a week. Stir each time you use the mix to ensure that it hasn't separated.