How to Make a Cricket Bat Cake

By Kittie McCoy

Creating a cricket bat cake is a suitable project for beginners to cake carving and decorating due to the simple and flat shape of a cricket bat. Refer to a real cricket bat throughout the cake making process to achieve a realistic looking cake. Choosing the appropriately sized cake to feed all of your guests may be difficult because you will be carving away a great deal of the original cake. If this is a concern, form the cake scraps into cake balls and decorate them as cricket balls to serve alongside your cricket bat cake.

Surprise your favorite cricket player with a cricket bat shaped cake.

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Step 1

Bake your cake in a rectangular pan or purchase a plain rectangle shaped cake from a bakery.

Step 2

Measure the top of the cake and cut a piece of paper to the same dimensions.

Step 3

Place the cake in your freezer for one hour. The cold cake will crumble less as you carve.

Step 4

Draw the outline of a cricket bat diagonally on the paper. This will allow you to make the cricket bat longer and waste less of the cake. If your cake is large enough, you can trace a real cricket bat onto the paper.

Step 5

Cut the outline of the cricket bat out of the paper with scissors. This is the template for your cricket bat cake.

Step 6

Remove the cake from the freezer and arrange the cricket bat template on top of the cake. Secure the template in place with a dab of frosting.

Step 7

Carve away the excess cake around the template with a serrated knife. When the cake is the same size and shape as the template, peel away the paper.

Step 8

Frost the cake with a base coat of frosting to seal in the crumbs. This base coat is sometimes referred to as a crumb coat.

Step 9

Apply a second coat of frosting in the color of your choice to the cricket bat cake.

Step 10

Create markings on the cricket bat with candies or pipe different colors of frosting onto the cricket bat cake.