Memory wire and unwrapped wire image from, coil rosary bracelet image from classic rosaries.

A coil rosary bracelet basically coils around your wrist and slips on and off your wrist easily. Making a coil rosary bracelet is fairly simple and does not take much time as you will learn by following the step-by-step instructions. You can choose how you'd like your bracelet to look and also learn how to work with memory wire and some beading tools.

The first step is to cut your memory wire with your memory wire cutter so that you have a little more than four coils.

You have two choices here. The first choice would be to make a small unwrapped loop at one end of your coil wire using your needle nose pliers. Unwrapped is a loop that is left slightly open.

The second option would be to glue a memory wire cap on one end of the coil with an metal glue. You can use E6000 glue for this purpose.

If you chose the unwrapped loop you will now put the crucifix on the loop and use the needle-nose pliers to close the loop.

If you used the end cap then you will slide the crucifix on the wire all the way to the cap.

(If you would like to use a spacer bead before you put the cross on you may do so. Spacer beads give a different look to your bracelet. Do not use the spacer beads as part of the rosary prayers. They are only there for aesthetic purposes. If you decide to add a space bead before the crucifix you should also use one after the crucifix.)

At this point you will add three Hail Mary beads and one Our Father bead.

(If you are using spacers add one spacer after the three Hail Mary beads and one after the Our Father bead.)

Now you will add ten Hail Mary beads and one Our Father bead.

(Once again if you are using spacer beads add on after the ten Hail Mary beads and one after the Our Father bead.)

Repeat Step 5 four more times. (If you are using spacer beads it will be the last thing you put on before the next step.)

If you're using unwrapped loop, cut off any access memory wire leaving enough to make your final loop.

If you're using the caps, add your Miraculous Medal and one last spacer bead (if you are using spacer beads).

If using unwrapped loop make it now and add your Miraculous Medal to the loop. Tighten the loop closed with your needle-nose pliers.

If you are using the memory wire cap glue it on now.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the proud owner of you own handmade coil rosary bracelet.


You might want to cut off a little of your memory wire to practice your unwrapped loop before starting your project.


Memory wire is a heavy gauge wire that looks similar to a spring. You want to make sure you get the bracelet size. You can use just about any type of beads you would like up to 7 or 8 mm. The bracelet will start to stretch out if you use beads that are too heavy. Memory wire is harder to cut and will ruin your regular wire cutters so you should get the special memory wire cutter or a heavy duty wire cutter.