When making a cake, a layer of frosting is the final touch. With frosting, the cake can take on a variety of looks, from simple and smooth to ornately decorated. White frosting is especially adaptable and can be dyed to a variety of colors, from dark red to a soft violet. With the correct proportions of icing colors, you can make a warm caramel color from plain, white frosting.

Things You'll Need

Put the plain white frosting in a small bowl where it will be easy to mix. Make sure there is enough frosting to cover the entire cake. If not, you will have to color a new batch of frosting and it is unlikely that the shades will be exactly the same.

Obtain jars of icing color: yellow, orange and red or yellow and brown. Use concentrated icing color, which will not water down your frosting and make it thin.

Add colors by dipping a toothpick into the color, then swirling it in the white frosting. Add only a little bit of color at a time, or the shade may become too dark.

Mix in a few drops of yellow, a little orange and a touch of red to make a warm, golden caramel color. Alternatively, mix in yellow with a hint of brown.

Stir the frosting completely to make sure the icing color is well mixed.