Halloween and over-the-hill birthday parties are ideal times to ice the cake with a black frosting. While you can purchase black food coloring at hobby and specialty stores, you can also make the black frosting at home using regular food coloring from the store. The key for black frosting is to start with chocolate icing and add food coloring to the mix.

Dump the container of chocolate frosting into a large bowl and use a rubber spatula to remove all of the frosting.

Drop four to six drops of blue food coloring onto the frosting in the bowl. If using black food coloring, start with three drops.

Stir the food coloring into the icing, making sure that all of the frosting is incorporated with the color.

Continue to add drops, two to three drops of blue or one to two drops of black at a time. Stir until you achieve the desired color.


  • Using a dark chocolate frosting will take less food coloring to turn black.

  • You can use a white frosting, but you will need the specialty black food coloring to make the icing a true black color.

  • Mixing red, blue and green food colors in equal amounts will give you a black color also, but may not be dark enough for your needs.

  • Be careful when using food coloring in any recipe. The color will stain hands and clothes and is difficult to remove.

  • Use as little food coloring as possible to achieve the black color you want. Food coloring can turn the frosting a bit bitter if overused.