Belly dancing is not only a great form of exercise, it is also a great opportunity for self expression. Belly dancing teaches you to love your body which can certainly renew your spirit. The wonderful colors and sounds and shapes of belly dancing are mesmerizing-whether you are a spectator, a professional performer or the novice belly dancer. This article will teach you how to make that wonderful staple of belly dancing, the hip scarf. Once you have made doesn't matter if you tie it on over harem pants or over your sweat pants, you definitely start to feel the movement of your body more and love and appreciate that movement!

Fold the material in half to form a triangle, with right sides together. Pin the edges together and 2 inches from the corner of the triangle, double pin the edges. Do not sew these last two inches. Sew around the edges, with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

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Pulling the material through the 2-inch opening at the corner of the triangle, turn the material right side out.

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Sew the opening at the corner of the triangle closed.

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Get all of your embellishments out. You can use as much or as little as you want. Lay out the triangle on your working surface. The longest side of the triangle is going to be tied around your waist, with the point hanging down in the back or to the side, so lay the triangle out so that the longest side is furthest from you and the point of the triangle points right at you.

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Measure 13 inches down each side of the point, toward you. Mark and pin one row of coin embellishment at this measurement. Trim the excess. Repeat this step, in increments of 6 inches, until all of the coin embellishment has been used.

Starting at the top of one side of the point, begin pinning the bead embellishment. Continue pinning around the two sides of the triangle that create the point at the bottom of the hip scarf. Pin this embellishment over the top of the ends of the coin embellishment. Feel free to add more embellishments before adding this bead embellishment around the edges as trim.

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Sew the embellishments to the triangle. Trim thread. Remove pins. You're done!!! Go ahead and tie it on and see if you can keep yourself from doing Turkish Figure Eights!!


  • Experiment with thread color to either hide the thread or set off the thread.