Beaded doorway curtains have been used in place of traditional doors for years and are still enjoyed today by many people. Beads can be made of glass, plastic, metal and even wood. Most craft shops have a large variety of beads in many shapes, colors and sizes. Beaded doorway curtains can accent any room in your home and can be given as gifts for any occasion. By following these instructions, you and your children can enjoy doing this project together.

Measure the length and width of the doorway. Cut lengths of fishing line, making sure that each one is at least 4 inches longer than estimated length. You will need at least 12 strands of beads for a doorway. Cut a length of long, narrow wood for the doorway. It should be an inch or two longer on each side than the width of the doorway.

Secure the first bead on each strand. Thread 1 bead, leaving about 4 inches of line. Thread the 4-inch tail through the bottom of the bead and back out the top. Then, thread it back through the bottom and out again through the top and tuck the tail back into the bead, leaving two sizable loops. Fill the bead with hot glue and let cool. The loops, once on the wood, allow for movement if pushed to one side.

String the fishing line with beads. Use all the same color or shape or make a design. The only limit to how your beaded doorway curtain looks is your imagination. When you reach the last 2 inches of the line, thread the tail through the top of the bead and back through the bottom, leaving the tail hanging. Fill the last bead with hot glue and let cool. When the glue has cooled, cut off the tail.

Bead the second strand just as you did the first strand. At the end of this project, you should have no less than 12 strands of beads. Having more strands of beads gives the curtain more depth and privacy.

Slide the length of the long, narrow piece of wood through the loops of fishing line. With the extra inch or two at each end, the curtain will fully cover the doorway. Attach the piece of wood to the top of the doorway with screws or nails. The curtain should hang gracefully in the doorway.


There are many different shapes, sizes and colors of beads to choose from. Have fun and get creative! If you want to shorten the amount of beads to thread for each strand, use longer beads.

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