By Angela LaFollette

Generally cut from beef, steaks are cooked using a variety of methods. Before you cook steaks, they need examined carefully to determine if the meat has spoiled. Steaks are highly perishable due to the high moisture and protein content. Spoiled meats are dangerous to consume because they can contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. Examining questionable steaks closely will help you to determine if they are safe to eat. When the steaks show signs of spoilage, they need discarded immediately.

Purchase steaks before the expiration date if you do not plan to cook them immediatly.

Step 1

Inspect the appearance of the steaks. Steaks with darkened areas and fading colors can indicate spoilage.Examine the steaks for odd discolorations. Steaks with green, black or creamy patches indicate mold growth. Throw the steaks away immediately.

Step 2

Remove the steaks from the refrigerator and smell them. If the steaks have an odd or foul odor, they need tossed in the trash. The odors may smell like sulfur or ammonia.

Step 3

Feel the steaks with your fingers. If the steaks feel sticky to the touch or slimy, they need to be discarded.