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Lamb loin chop is a delicious cut of meat that is a great alternative to pork or beef. Taken from the rear of the animal, lamb loin chops are on the small side, but are nicely marbled and quite flavorful. Lamb loin chops can be fried, grilled or broiled, making them versatile. Regardless of how they are prepared, it is important to make sure that lamb loin chops are thoroughly cooked. By monitoring the coloration and internal temperature of the meat, you can easily discern when the loin chops are done.

Examine the color of the meat. Rare lamb loin chop appears brownish-pink on the exterior, but is bright red in the center. This is the minimum level of cooking that must occur before the meat can be safely consumed. Lamb loin chop is usually considered best when cooked to medium rare. Medium rare lamb is very pink in the center and slightly brown on the exterior.

Test the internal temperature of the meat by placing the tip of a meat thermometer into the center of the cut. For rare meat, the temperature should measure at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium rare meat is finished at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium done meat should cook to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium well meat finishes cooking at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. For meat that is well done, the temperature should measure 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Continue to monitor the meat until it reaches its desired temperature. Avoid cutting into the meat or taking its temperature too often, as this causes the juices to seep out and reduce the flavor.


Consuming undercooked meat can be hazardous to your health.