Deep fried chicken nuggets

Making fried chicken for a banquet, a family reunion or a company picnic takes time and if the sponsoring event is running even a few minutes behind, the risk increases of the chicken drying out from overcooking or becoming soggy from condensation in a container. At events where chicken is to be served for 100 people or more, timing becomes especially critical and the chances of having a food preparation mishap are higher. You can lessen the chances of a negative experience if you use an alternate method of storing the chicken. And remember: unless it is served right away, the chicken is not going to keep in the condition it was in just out of the fryer, no matter the storage technique.

Wrap pieces of fried chicken in paper towels. The paper towels soak up any excess grease that may contribute to the softening of the chicken coating.

Insert the paper towel-wrapped chicken into a paper bag. The paper bag soaks up any more grease while keeping the chicken warm, acting as a temporary insulator. The paper bag will not keep the chicken warm for a long period of time.

Optionally, layer paper bags and paper towels into the bottom of a chafing dish for serving at a banquet. This method also permits the absorbing of grease through the towels and bag while appearing a bit more formal.