How to Keep Eyelashes From Falling Out

By LeafTV Editor

Long, full and lush eyelashes are desired by many women. However, very few women are born with them. In fact, aging and exposure to specific eye products can cause eyelashes to become brittle. They may break easily, leaving the individual with sparse eyelashes. Since reversing eyelash damage is a time-consuming process, it's important to take preventive measures in order to prevent damage from ever occurring.

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How To Keep Eyelashes From Falling Out


One of the most important things to remember is that you always need to remove your makeup at night. If you don't remove eye makeup, it can cause your eyelashes to break while you sleep. Rubbing your eyes while you sleep or before you wake up can lead to breakage. In addition, sleeping with makeup on causes clogged pores.

Use a gentle and effective eye makeup remover. Find a gentle eyelash remover and use it religiously. Prior to cleansing your face, remove your eye makeup. This will result in easier eye makeup removal, and it will lead to less eyelash breakage.

Choose your mascara carefully. The type of mascara you use has a direct effect on the condition of your lashes. Often, waterproof mascaras are very difficult to remove and result in pulling of the eye area. In addition, since the mascara is difficult to remove, some of it may not get removed. This leads to further breakage. Instead, use a water-soluble mascara on a regular basis.

Curl lashes prior to applying mascara. Some women opt to curl their eyelashes after applying mascara because they like the results. However, doing this can result in breakage, because mascara causes your eyelashes to feel dry. When you curl dry lashes, your lashes become susceptible to breakage.

Use an eye cream. Choose an eye cream that moisturizes, and make sure to use it at night. This will keep your eyelids and the area under your eyes moisturized. In addition, it will hydrate your lashes.

If your eyelashes are already sparse, it might be in your best interest to try an eyelash treatment. There are several on the market: Ardell Lash Growth is a more economical brand, and can be purchased at drug stores or Ulta stores nationwide. Revitalash is another option.


  • If you have a hard time removing makeup before bedtime, try removing your makeup once you get home from work. This will put you in relaxation mode and will ensure that your makeup gets removed.