How to Keep Bread Fresh

By Tom Ross

Keeping your bread soft and the crumb tender begins with proper storage. The refrigerator is no place for bread because it causes it to dry out. For daily storage, room temperature is best, but your bread can survive freezing if you need it to keep longer.


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Short-Term Storage


Bread stores best when it's left unsliced, but you can keep store-bought sliced breads in their sealed plastic bag in a room temperature pantry for up to a week. Unsliced homemade or artisan breads are best wrapped in a cloth tea towel or placed inside a linen bread bag because plastic can retain too much moisture and cause mold. Keep these breads in the pantry for up to five days, slicing off only what you need.

Long-Term Storage


If you have more bread than you can use right away, wrap the whole loaf in aluminum foil and place it inside a freezer storage bag. Press out the extra air and seal the bag closed. You can store bread in the freezer for up to three months. Defrost it on the counter so it doesn't dry out.