Ripe bananas

Whether you enjoy eating bananas for breakfast, as a snack, or mixed in with your favorite dessert, you can make the most of this fruit by slowing down the ripening process. If you need to know how to preserve bananas, look no further!

Unwrap the bananas from any packaging or plastic. This eliminates the ethylene gas from building up around the bananas which causes them to ripen quickly.

Hang the bananas on a banana tree. A banana tree can prevent damage and bruising which also causes fruit to ripen more quickly than normal. Banana trees are also a great way to remind yourself you need more fruit!

Preserve bananas by storing them in the refrigerator. Refrigeration slows down the ripening process, but the bananas have to be ripe already. Any unripened bananas will stay that way and won't become sweet at all.

Let the bananas stand on their own. Any fruit near the bananas (e.g., in a fruit bowl) will also speed up the ripening process; to preserve bananas make sure they are stored as far away as possible from any other fruits and vegetables.

Freezing ripe bananas is another way to store and preserve them. These can be mixed into smoothies or yogurt easily, and make a great snack on their own.


Buy bananas that are green and firm instead of yellow and soft if you plan to keep them for a week or more. If you do end up with overripe bananas, use them to make banana bread and in other baked goods recipes.


Avoid buying bananas that are on sale, since these are very close to becoming over ripe and spoiling. Bruised bananas will ripen much faster than a freshly picked bunch.