How to Keep a Pleasant Facial Expression

By LeafTV Editor

How to Keep a Pleasant Facial Expression. A pleasant facial expression is a valuable asset in communication. It makes you more approachable to others and can even help you on job interviews. If you're stressed or upset, it's often difficult to keep a pleasant expression. However, with some thought and a few tricks you can pull it off--it might even make you feel better.

Step 1

Relax and take a deep cleansing breath, inhaling slowly through your nose and exhaling slowly through your mouth. When we're stressed our facial muscles become tight and our expression hardens, becoming less pleasant.

Step 2

Think back to your childhood days of watching "Peter Pan" and think happy thoughts; while it won't make you fly, your facial features relax and reflect your happiness. Study some magazines, identifying which faces appeal to you and determine what it is about their facial expression that you find so pleasant.

Step 3

Practice various expressions in front of a mirror, noticing how your muscles feel and what affects are more appealing. Observe how your expression changes as you think about different emotions.

Step 4

Pull your lips up a bit at the corners and firm your muscles around your eyes. When your eye muscles tighten in conjunction with your partial smile, it comes off as genuine happiness.

Step 5

Let your natural radiance shine through when you start feeling tense. Ask some close friends to look at your own various expressions and make a mental note of which ones they find pleasant.